Your Guide to Different Types of Bags

Your Guide to Different Types of Bags

It’s no secret that you need the right bag to complete your outfit. Yet, finding the right bag for every occasion is difficult since the market is crowded with many types of bags. From laptop bags, backpacks, men’s bags to women’s handbags, you have to know each bag to find the perfect one for your occasion. So, keep reading to learn more about all types of bags.

Duffel Bags

Popularly known as gym bags, duffel bags are perfect for travel or when you hit the gym. These bags are characterized by their long and cylindrical designs. Duffel bags also have long handles and two straps.

Duffel Bags Pros

  • Flexible
  • Spacious
  • Easy to pack
  • Fashionable

Duffel Bags Cons

  • Difficult to secure
  • Hard to organize
  • Difficult to carry

Belt Bag

As the name suggests, belt bags are attached to the belt. Some refer to these bags as fanny packs. However, fanny packs are attached to the belt permanently, unlike belt bags. Belt bags are also known as waist bags.

Belt bags are ideal for you if you want to make a statement since they complete almost all outfits.

Belt Bag Pros

  • Flexible
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Secure
  • Portable

Belt Bag Cons

  • Difficult to organize
  • It might not be spacious


Backpacks are popular among students, outdoor and travel enthusiasts due to their size and ease of use. These bags have two thick straps that rest on the shoulder.

Backpack Pros

  • Safe
  • East to organize
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Trendy

Backpack Cons

  • It might affect your spine and posture
  • It might not be ideal for some occasions and outfits

Bucket Bag

A bucket bag should be your go-to option whenever you want to make a fashion statement and still accommodate all your essentials. It is ideal for work, church, school. Shopping, travel, and more. Such a bag is characterized by its elongated design and top handles resembling a bucket. Some bucket bags have zippers, while others have a snap stud.

Bucket Bag Pros

  • Unique shape
  • It suits many outfits and occasions
  • Spacious
  • Flexible

Bucket Bag Cons

  • The shape might not be perfect for your body shape
  • It might be challenging to organize


Clutch bags have grown in popularity among women due to their flexibility and fashion sense. Some clutch bags are slim and don’t have straps or handles. However, others have detachable straps. A clutch bag is ideal for your evening occasions and when you want to make a fashion statement.

Clutch Bag Pros

  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect for all occasions
  • Easy to customize
  • Trendy

Clutch Bag Cons

  • You have to carry it around
  • Not the best choice for standing events
  • It might not be secure

Cross Body

Crossbody bags come with a strap that loops over one shoulder and across your body. That is why some people also call these bags crossbody bags. Some crossbody bags have long straps that go all the way to the hips, while others have short straps that reach the waist.

Cross Body Pros

  • Easy to carry around
  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • Trendy

Cross Body Cons

  • Can be tiring
  • It might not be ideal for some outfits and occasions
  • It can be challenging to organize

Laptop Bag

Laptop bags are designed to carry laptops and accessories. These bags have padding to keep the laptop safe and compartments to organize the accessories and other essentials.

Laptop Bag Pros

  • Protects the laptop and accessories
  • Easy to organize
  • Several compartments
  • Safe

Laptop Bag Cons

  • It might be unsafe in insecure areas
  • Not perfect for some outfits and occasions

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