The Lola Handbag

The DENRI Lola Handbag is a handheld 13 by 16-inch work bag. It is a zippered structured silhouette tote bag that is ideal for holding items for work or travel. It is made with faux pebbled leather that gives it a professional and chic look. This material also ensures that the contents are protected from rain or water spills. The bag is designed to last long, even when exposed to daily wear on a commute, in the office, or while traveling.

The bag's design caters to all the workday needs at the office. It contains a large padded pouch that can comfortably fit office documents, files, 13-inch laptops, and a water bottle. It's designed with side gussets meant to increase the bag's room space for carrying more items and increase flexibility within its structured design. It also contains an inner compartment with a zipper that is useful for holding small objects that can get lost at the bottom of the bag. The lined structure silhouette design of the bag, coupled with its handheld top handles, ensures that the bag is stable and contents are held in place while placed on a surface or in transit. The bag also comes with a  removable zippered pouch with a wrist strap. This pouch can be used to conveniently carry essential items that can be carried around or out of the office instead of the entire handbag.

 Its structured silhouette tote design gives it a unique, official, and sophisticated look. Its handheld straps are also the perfect length and width to comfortably and safely carry items for work or pleasure.

The DENRI Lola handbag balances that professional and fashionable look no matter the occasion. Head over to any of out DENRI stores, or the website to get yours today.