Mini School Bag


The DENRI Mini-School bag is an exquisite backpack designed for school-going children. The mini-school bag has been crafted with high-quality and durable material that can withstand the expected intense and rough activities of school-going children. Its compact size and sturdiness are the perfect fit for a child.

It has six storage pouches that function and satisfy all their carriage needs. Its big front pocket has an inner padded pouch that can safely carry laptops, tablets, or school projects. It can also hold a water bottle. There is a lot of storage space and differentiated utilities for the side and front pouches.

The material used on the bag is water resistant, making it difficult to get dirty and very easy to clean. This feature also ensures that the contents held within the bag are protected from rain or occasional spills.

 The bags' zippers and buckles are strong and are designed to last. The zippers move very smoothly, and a child can efficiently operate them. Additionally, the straps are padded, making them highly comfortable for the child to carry and handle. These straps are also adjustable and can be readjusted to suit the child's needs as they grow. The bag's stitching is impeccable and very strong, ensuring that there will be no breakages or rips even while carrying heavy items.

The DENRI Mini school bag is an ideal choice for school-going children. It is a durable partner for the formative years of a child's education. It is guaranteed to last. To top it off, the bag comes with a stitched-on cartoon character at the front, making it very fun and stand out for the child.

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