Who is a father? A father is a rock that children lean on. A child's first friend is him. He is someone who has demonstrated selflessness time and time again in our lives. Fathers have supported our dreams and encouraged us to pursue them; they have made us feel safe, they are people who made sure we had a roof on our heads, and they are people who made sure not to miss school events. Fathers are the heroes in our lives. They are deserving of recognition and appreciation for their efforts. A father doesn’t necessarily have to be biological. He can be your adoptive father, your putative father, your step-father,as long as he has perfectly played that role. Not sure how to celebrate that remarkable man this Fathers Day 2022? Worry no more. Denri got you sorted. Read on and gain insight on the perfect way to honor them.


It's not easy to identify the perfect bag for a father, but there are various gifting ideas that one can consider while shopping. You can include things like whether he is into fitness, whether he is a cool dad, whether he is into business, or whether he is free spirited. All this will help you achieve your goal.


Is your father an avid hiker or a gym rat? To ensure he has everything he needs for Father's Day 2022, we recommend purchasing our gym package, which includes a zoezi and a gym bag. Never before has exercising looked so good.                         

          Gym Bag

It is designed to suit workout clothes and shoes.It has a side pocket that makes packing and unpacking easy. Not forgetting how classy your dad will look walking with the best gym bag in town.

                    Zoezi Travel Bag

Everything you need to know is right there in the name. It's a good choice for a father who likes to go hiking. In addition to his fitness gear, the bag can accommodate his hiking companions' medical supplies.


How can you tell if your father is a good parent? Cool dads like to have a good time and want you to be yourself. They don't care what other people say and they are protective, but they put their trust in you to make the right decisions. Man bags are an excellent choice for your dad if he exhibits any of the above characteristics.

                        Man Bag

For Father’s Day 2022,a man bag is an excellent gift..It is lightweight allowing mobility on a daily basis.Two more zippered compartments are hidden beneath the flap of the bag for added security.

                      Jayden Man Bag

For the modern parent who needs a stylish bag to carry his possessions, look no further. The Jayden bag is a fashionable and trendy accessory.

                      Luna Man Bag

Luna is a great pick for a stylish dad because it is a fashionable and attractive man bag intended for the current and fashionable energetic man.


Making a parent pleased is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You can show your dad how much you appreciate him on Father's Day by gifting him one of our bags.

                       Denri Briefcase

This will make your dad look sharp,smart and even stand out when he goes to work.The bag is big enough, it can fit a 14” laptop together with his personal belongings.It also has different pockets giving room for neatness.

                        Denri Satchel Laptop Bag

Its large carry capacity and elegance combine flexibility and durability to your everyday tasks.The bag has different pockets giving an organized style.

                        Lotus Briefcase Bag

A trendy and attractive briefcase that would suit an office father .Its space can fit business documents and a laptop. Lotus keeps you looking sharp and handsome.


At a reasonable price, get an excellent travel bag with a good rating

                             The Standard Travel Bag

Standard travel bag would suit a travelling dad since it is big enough to fit all his belongings, including a laptop. Despite its modest price, this bag has the greatest polish.It comes in brown, blue, grey, and black colour options.

                                    Pocket Travel

Pocket travel bag is tailored to hold and arrange all of your necessities.Fashion trends,accessories and footwear will look great with it. Denri Africa is pleased to provide a variety of Father’s Day 2022 bags for every budget.Check out our popular Father’s Day bags today.