Back to School Shopping: How to Choose the Right Back to School Bag

The crazy back-to-school shopping season is here with us once again. Now is the perfect time to start shopping for the best backpack for your child’s school before the prices skyrocket. With a wide selection of school bags to choose from, finding the right school bag can be a tricky affair. Luckily, this backpack shopping guide will help you choose the right backpack for your child.

1.    Pick the Right Size

Your child will use the new backpack to carry books and items from your home to the school and vice versa. As such, it needs to be a perfect size. Apart from accommodating all the supplies and accessories, it should be comfortable and easy to carry. Start by ensuring that the width is directly proportional to your child’s width. Similarly, ensure that the height is approximately two inches above the waist and below the shoulders. Also, try the bag on your child to ensure it compliments the body shape.

2.    Check the Pockets and Compartments

It is advisable to settle for a school bag with many pockets and compartments. First, a bag with many pockets and dividers will accommodate all the accessories and supplies. Second, it will evenly distribute all the weight to prevent shoulder pain and discomfort. Going for a bag with a mesh side pouch or side pocket will give your child additional room to carry a water bottle.

What’s more, your child can access the water easily while on the move. If your child is a girl, it is advisable to go for a bag with front pockets for extra space to store lip balm and other personal effects. The front pockets can also store house keys, USB sticks, school locker keys, etc. Simply put, focus on functionality and organization.

3.    Prioritize Comfort

Carrying supplies and accessories is no easy task for your school-going child. This is especially true for preschoolers and lower primary school students. That’s why you should prioritize a comfortable bag for your child. Stay by choosing a bag with padded and broad straps to enhance comfort and defend your child against shoulder pain. Moreover, choose a bag with adjustable straps for additional comfort. Check out our mini-school bag for your little ones.

4.    Don’t Overlook the Small Details

Many parents are guilty of overlooking the small details when shopping for a back-to-school bag. This is especially true for parents who start their back-to-school shopping late. However, the small details can make all the difference. Start by ensuring that the zippers have fabric flaps and are strong and durable. In addition, check the stitching to confirm if the bag can rip under immense weight. Don’t forget to check the tightness and length of the shoulder straps. The goal is to find a school bag that is comfortable, functional, and durable.

5.    Involve Your Child

You are buying the bag for your child, and it is only wise to consider their style and personality. So, take the time to ask your child what they like as your shop around for the back-to-school bag. This does not mean that you should compromise functionality, durability, and comfort. Instead, focus on finding a functional bag that blends in seamlessly with your child’s style and personality.

6.    Choose a Solid Fabric

The fabric or the school bag you will purchase will determine its comfort, safety, and durability. So, take your time to find a school bag with solid fabric such as leather or new synthetic fabrics.

Final Thoughts

At Denri Africa, we are committed to providing the highest quality bags for school and any other occasion. Check out these top back-to-school backpacks.